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A Good Start--Longen 2020 Annual Gala was held with a Full Success

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As the new year is coming,let's restart from the beginning. 2020 New Year Gala of Longen (Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd was held in Grand Hotel Tianjin on 31st December 2020. The theme is to forge the dream with unity、innovation、fighting、and passion. All employees gathered to conclude what the achievements made in the last year and prospect the new year growth trend.

General manager Henry delivered the speech to outline the 2020 business activities by departments, and reviewed 10 years sales activities in terms of turnover increasing trend、company size、annual output per capita. In particular, the competence of Longen was mentioned, plus the service offered to the business partners and customers. The growth of Longen relates to every one closely and the higher requirements were set for the 2021.

Henry expressed the sincere gratitude and greetings to all the employees. What Longen obtained in 2020 was recognized wholly and inspired everyone to realize better result and create the golden age for Longen in 2021.

Beside that, in order to display a fabulous visual-audio gala, various performances were prepared by the versatile staffs, lively dancing show named "Puppet Show", proactive English song named"The Sound of Music Do-Re-Mi", and inspiring song named "Never Give up" and so on brought the applause and cheers one after another.

Build on past achievements and open up the future. Everyone of Longen feel gratitude for all of the good in the life with expectation. Longen people will stand on the new starting line shoulder by shoulder to paint more splendid future together.


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