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Longen sincerely invites you to join us for AMTS Chongqing & CHFE2020 Foshan

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In October, Longen will attend 2 exhibitions. Firstly it is AMTS Chongqing International Automotive Manufacture Equipment Exhibition dated 14th October ~16th October,with booth number: 1CB56, In Chongqing exhibition. Longen will demonstrate the competent quick connectors for testing, multi-connection system and testing wiring harness. Secondly it is 4th International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Technology and Product Expo Foshan dated 19th October~22nd October with booth number of A02-25. Longen will display hydrogen refuelling components.

AMTS & AHTE are the exhibitions of automotive engineering industry and automation & assembly field with interactive in between. 2020 Exhibition is the debut in Chongqing. It aims to build one stop display platform for automotive engineering industry and assembly integrated solution in Southwest of China. An effective platform in terms of technical and commercial review for the automotive integrated manufacturer, tier 1 & tier 2 automotive suppliers, and the complete car & car parts makers will be established in southwest of China.

4th International Hydrogen Energy & Fuel Cell Technology and Product Expo Foshan(CHFE2020) is the crucial part of 2020 UNDP. This exhibition will cover hydrogen energy infrastructure, fuel cells, core components and materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, industrial cooperation, as well as hydrogen production, storage, transportation, hydrogen utilization, etc., which will provide hydrogen energy people with an annual event with more connotation, creativity and high quality.

The quick connectors function testing、multi-connection system & testing wiring harness will be demonstrated in Chongqing Exhibition, and hydrogen refuelling components will be displayed in Foshan Expo. Your visit will be highly welcomed.


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