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Y2021 Bashang Grassland Team Building Activities Complete Success

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Aiming to maximize working passion & accountability & accelerate active communication, mutual trust, and close cooperation, Longen organized 2 days team building tour with the slogan of uniting, learning, innovating,fighting, passion forges dream.

Team building activities started from ice breaking games to activate atmosphere on site. All the staffs were divided into 4 teams, the team leaders to be selected, team pennants to be drawn, and team songs to be sung. It demonstrates the abilities of each team fully.

Each staff developed the potential in different kinds of activities. All of them completed various tasks within limited time span, such as horse riding、boat drifting、grass skiing,etc. The cheers on the site came one after another.

Team building activities offered a chance to be close with nature and relax apart from daily tight schedule for all staffs. Every staff showed united & challenged mind. Mutual trust & understanding were reinforced and enriched the spare time for everyone. 2021 Bashang grassland team building activities were a full success.

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